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Nudist Friend – 5 Girls to avoid dating at all cost

A lot of guys have been duped, conned and dazed by physical attraction. Many guys have made a fool out of themselves by falling head over heels for a woman who then treats them like dirt. So before you get into that kind of mess here are 5 girls we think you should avoid dating at all cost.
Miss Ultra-Feminist – A woman who believes that they are angelic creatures who thinks the world would be a better place if men didn’t exist.
Miss Take – Pure and simple, this one after your money.
Miss Movie-Romance – A type of woman who lives in a fantasy world where relationships are the same as movies or novels.
Miss Elusive – Closely related to “Miss Romance” however with a little bit of dark side. This kind of woman has been hurt in the past relationship.
Miss Angry – Like “Miss Feminist” they don’t really like men and like to take their anger out on them.

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